June 24, 2009


With my internship and trying to catch up on rest from youth camp I haven't gotten much knitting done. I want to finish my father's day gift before I leave on friday for YEC (youth evangelism conference). I'm also going back to highland lakes for pre-teen camp next week. Busy busy busy.

By the way. It's been so stinkin hot down here! Look at the forecast for my week at camp. Ugh. I spent my last two summers in northern Montana and northern British Columbia, Canada (like right by Alaska!) so I haven't experienced an entire Texas summer in a few years. I might just melt.

June 20, 2009

i'm back again!

I forgot to mention that I was going as a councilor to youth camp this past week. I think I survived. Youth are crazy. I somehow managed to make it through middle and high school with little to no drama so I don't understand those who thrive on it. But God moved in amazing ways through the speaker and worship band. It was a nice way to get refreshed as a person who helps lead worship every week.

I have a few knitting projects I'm about to start. Father's day, threads of love, and a pirate monster! Hope to have pics soon :)

June 11, 2009

a new sighting!

I finally caught up with this little monster and got a good picture of him in the daylight. Once he realized he was caught he had no problem posing for the camera. Monster's are silly that way.

I can't wait to send him away to camp to meet his new best friend. I hope she loves him as much as I do. I almost want to keep him :)

I used vanna's choice yarn in sapphire and some scrap black for the eyes and belly button. The pattern said to glue the teeth on but I hated that and didn't have any glue so I just hand stitched them on there. They turned out a bit crooked which I think gives him the right amount of kookiness. Very fitting for his new best friend.

June 10, 2009

post 100!!

wow, 100 posts! I wish this were a more exciting post, haha. Not too much going on around here. I'm interning at my church for the next five weeks so I'm not sure how much crafting I will get done.

I did have an interesting knitting encounter tonight. We had a monster sighting earlier. He came and went in a flash, hope to catch a better picture tomorrow!

June 7, 2009

The tony awards, knitting, and a new t-shirt.

does it get better?


I'm starting a new knitting toy project to send to Carolyn at camp! I'm pretty sure she never gets online so I don't mind posting about it. I got some great bright blue yarn at Michael's tonight and I'm so excited to finish this little guy. I'm using the maddox pattern by rebecca danger. her patterns are adorable, she's the one who made the bunny nugget pattern I used for easter.

I got a few other random goodies in the dollar section at Michael's and I can't wait to send it Hff to her!

ps. I'm so glad I learned to knit, it keeps me busy while David lays on the floor playing Xbox for HOURS!

June 4, 2009

new in the shop!

My flower hair pins are now up in my etsy shop! Go look and buy lots and lots of flowers for your hair this summer :D

i'm back!

New Orleans was a wonderful trip. I'm always reminded of how important we all are to God and how we should treat each other that way. His love always amazes me.

Oh, I also got some knitting done. One down, one to go!