May 25, 2009

Goin to New Orleans until Saturday!

I'll be knitting some little surprises to be sent around the world soon :)

May 21, 2009

sneaky sneaky

Just wanted to show some sneak peaks of what I've been working on today. These are both going to be camera cases. The teal pops great with the grey and black of the knit tweed. And I just love the magenta button on the black vinyl. Oh and you gotta love tiny knit i-cord :)

ps. totally listening to Christmas music right now!

teal and lavender

So by tomorrow I obviously meant in a week...oops!

Summer seems to make me lazy and unable to post. My crafting is slowing down too. Hopefully it'll get jump started again after my trip to New Orleans next week!

Anyways back to now. I can finally post the mother's day gift I made for my mom and MeMaw. Years ago my mom bought some hot/cold therapy bags from a craft fair. They're made of flannel and filled with corn. They were used a lot and ended up at my apartment after one of my jaw surgeries last year. While trying to figure out what to make for mother's day I ran across some online and decided to make my mom a newer, prettier set.

I tried out some quilting and piecing for the first time. My mom likes the brown and teal combo so I went with fabrics that fell in that category. Almost all the fabric is from Hobby Lobby. I filled in the inside with rice and some lavender essential oil. The eye mask one doesn't have any oil in it because I didn't know if that would be too much right by the nose.

They turned out great and I need to make myself a set before I steal my mom's again :)

May 14, 2009

tweed and business

I got some great pictures of my new knit camera case. I just love how much the pattern adds to such a simple case. Yellow and grey is a new color combo for me, I think I like it. My mom already asked for one in black and teals.

When I was packing up my purse to come to Austin yesterday I noticed that prety much everything in it was made by me! I made the purse, the clutch/wallet, tea wallet, tissue holder, key loop, and now camera case. It's a fun feeling knowing I made it all and almost all from my own patterns!

I finally got some business cards! I ordered them from overnight prints and I think they turned out great. I did the design on photoshop and picked a few colors to print them in. Look at my purse picture and then look at the cards...notice anything? I seem to have a thing for a certain color scheme, haha. If anyone orders anything they will be receiving one of these little lovelies.

Mother's day gift post coming tomorrow!

camera cases

My sister has been asking me to make her a camera case for a while now. In the midst of school I just never got around to it. I bribed her into bringing me food a few weeks ago by telling her I'd make her the case that night. I got delicious whataburger chicken and she got a camera case!

The outside is some black vinyl I had and the inside is lime fleece. The same fleece foxxy is made out of. She went through my huge button collection and ended up wanting a fabric covered button. We went through all my prints and she picked out the most colorful one I had.

I knit a simple i-cord for the loop. I like how i-cord stretches some and is stronger than a simple loop of yarn. It also adds another nice texture to the case.

I ended up hand stitching the top of the case. It was too small to easily fit in my machine and I decided it would look neater with a simple blanket stitch. I think it turned out great and Miriah loved it.

That same weekend I managed to misplace my own camera case that I made nearly three years ago. I'm pretty sure it's in my parent's living room somewhere but I have yet to find it. I was knitting up a swatch of a tweed pattern in one of my new knitting books yesterday and thought I should make the swatch useful and knit it big enough to fit around my camera.

I love this pattern! I knit it in caron simply soft in yellow, light grey and dark grey. As complex as this pattern looks, it's so simple!

I can't wait to get a picture of the case in use. It ended up fitting perfectly. I even got to use one of my newly wound balls of yarn. I think I forgot to mention that my mom got me a yarn winder for my birthday. I love it! When I was supposed to be studying I went through all my yarn (there's a lot!) and wound all of it that I could into a cute little ball. They have flat tops and bottoms so they don't roll around and they're center pull as well.

A true knitting nerd; I get excited by a well wound ball.

May 11, 2009

i'm blessed :)

I had a wonderful birthday weekend! Had a great night with friends Friday night, full but chill Saturday, lovely Sunday (my birthday). I got more gifts than I expected and love them all.

My friends sure do know me well. Knitting books, cute things, sonic gift card! :)

David got me these cute star earrings. I'm wearing them now and i love them. He also got me apples to apples. Such a fun silly game, love it.

Now I have 4 hours till my next final and I need to review. ugh.

May 8, 2009

I will be posting soon, I promise. Finals have started and Last week I really only got about 6 hours sleep all week. It was sad and pathetic and I nearly passed out after seeing the new wolverine movie.

I have a great mother's day craft to post about soon. My mom reads this so that will come on Sunday!

Sunday also happens to be my birthday :) (24, woo!)

Okay I'm going to bed now...yes, going to 7am.