June 20, 2011

sparkly knits

I just finished my first knit hat in a while. I bought this yarn to make a hat to wear last winter...oops! It's a light enough yarn that I don't feel hot wearing it right now in my apartment while it's nearly 100 degrees outside. It's also sparkly! I have a secret love for all things glittery.

These are the best pictures I have right now. We;ll see if I ever take better ones :)

I love the pattern of the top of the hat. I also wanted to show how stinkin long my hair has gotten!

June 1, 2011

comfort & home

I'm back and it hasn't been a month...shocker! I have some pics to share :) First here are some detail shots of our home that I love.

Homemade monsters and bear on the mantel

letters in the kitchen from our fave Aussies!

shelves of doodads in the dining room

wedding pompoms hanging in the bathroom

bedside lamps in our room

The rest of this post is about some rice bags I made. I'm not sure what to really call them actually. They're bags of rice you put in the freezer or microwave and use to feel better. I decided to make 2 sets, one cold and one hot.

I found this awesome plaid/owl flannel at JoAnns and added some solid Kona cottons for the backs.

I also sewed in some ribbon on the long bags to help keep them in place if they need to be worn around the shoulders or on the head.

I made some of these for mother's day a few years back and finally got around to making a set for our home. David gets sinus tension in his neck so the long one really helps relieve tension.

Now off to knit and watch The Emperor's New Groove!