December 29, 2008

oh goodness. busy busy busy!

Christmas was great and I finished all but one gift. I'll be knitting MeMaw's beret while I'm in New Orleans next week. I hope to post pics of everything I made sometime soon. I sadly didn't get pics of everything, but I'm sure I can figure that out.

My parents got me a serger, olfa cutting boards and cutters, a bunch of scissors and dvds. Everything was great and I can't wait to get home and try everything out soon!

On a non-craft note...I have strep for the third time this year. I was trying hard to not get sick, got my flu shot, drinking more water(kinda). Still got the strep. I'm hoping to get rid of it by wednesday for my church's big youth event for new year's eve. David and I have been singing at it for the past three years. I had to sit out two years ago due to bronchitis so pray I can make it this year! I just love leading worship for hundreds of young teens. God is soo good and allows me to take part in that :)

Better update coming soon. Until then....happy new year!!

December 20, 2008


finished my first embroidery gift on the list tonight. can't show you yet though, the recipient might see it!

December 16, 2008

makin' a list. checkin' it twice!

Man was it cold today. I'm so glad school is out for the semester. No more fighting the ridiculous wind on my way to class at 8 in the morning. I actually do love the cold weather, just not the wind. It just doesn't seem to agree with the ol' asthma. Ah well. I love bundling up and getting to actually wear all my knit creations.

Speaking of knitting..I'm almost done with the beret for my cousin, just 12 more rows to go! Then I can cast on for my MeMaw's beret. Hers should be simpler and quicker. Left on my knitting list then will be David's surprises, an order from a friend at church and possibly a scarf for David's family's gift exchange. His mom wanted everyone to make their gifts this year which I think is just awesome.

I have a few embroidery gifts on my list as well. I've never embroidered anything for anyone before so I'm hoping I can plan my time well in the next 10 days...ack 9 days! Luckily I'm a pro at working under pressure.

I did manage to finish the bags for my little cousins this past week. I love them so much. Just the right amount of color and sparkle for any sophisticated young girl.
Aren't they fun? I really hope they like them. Now I just need to figure out what exactly to make for their little 6 year old brother. I'm thinking a drawstring back pack with some trucks or cars on it.

I also finished up my Christmas cards tonight. Well...mostly. The cards are all made and the envelopes addressed, now I just need to actually write in them and then send them off. I'm hopeful for tomorrow but we'll see. Maybe I can also get some better pictures of them tomorrow during the daytime.

On a non crafty note, my family took our Christmas card pictures yesterday. We used to go for the traditional family poses with everyone sitting or standing and smiling. Then about 8 years ago when taking our normal pictures, we took some silly ones too. While sifting through all the takes trying to decide on the best one to send to everyone we realized the goofy pictures looked the best. They really showed our personalities and smiles best. From then on out all our pictures have been fun and silly. Here are a few of the ones from yesterday.
Had to throw that last one in for fun. Isn't my boy just so stylish? :) Hope to update soon with more finished Christmas gifts. Until then, hope everyone is enjoying the cold!

December 9, 2008

only in Texas..

It was 82 degrees when I checked the weather around 1pm. Tonight there's a cold front moving in and we might have snow mixed in with the rain.

What the heck?!

On a crafty note...
I finally made my official gift list of things to make and I have more to do than I thought! I should easily get two things checked off this evening for my little cousins. There's no way I'll let finals get in the way of my craftiness :)

December 3, 2008

i'm making stockings!

One for me, one for David, and one for my roommate. I thought they'd be cute to hang in the apartment. They're all felt and so far, completely hand sewn and embroidered. I'm hoping to finish them tomorrow night, bet we'll see. Hopefully pictures soon!

December 1, 2008


December is here and so is the cold! Well, Texas cold :) There is a definite chill in the air tonight. David and I enjoyed the cold between Mexican food and a trip to hobby lobby. I managed to buy too much felt which I plan on turning into some cute stockings and ornaments. I'm also in the middle of making my Christmas cards that I will hope to send out sometime next week.

I love Christmas time.