August 5, 2015

Knit list

Being the unorganized but ambitious crafter that I am, I tend to have more projects in the works than I do completed ones. In some aspects it's nice. I always have something I could be working on. But at the same time there's also always something new I could be starting! It's a problem.

That being said, I just did a mental check and my knit list is slightly daunting when held up to my availability of free time. Granted, none of these knits are vital for life, but once I think up the need to knit something, it must be knit!

Maybe if I type up the list it will get done?

Doesn't hurt to try!

  • Finish Marley's baby blanket I started a year ago. (To be fair, the knitting is done. I just need to weave in all the ends...blegh.)
  • Finish knit lovey for Marley. Started it on the drive home from Florida back in April. It really just needs a head.
  • Finish Christmas gift #1. This is currently ahead of schedule and I'm so proud.
  • Knit cute poncho/capelet/sweater thing for Marley in beautiful purple yarn bought last week.
  • Knit birthday hat for David in yarn bought in February...oops.
  • Knit Matryoshka doll #2 using pattern notes. Then write out and publish said pattern. Make all the money.
  • Find, edit, and publish headband patterns I wrote four years ago. Make more of all the money.
  • Knit presents for special baby and ship around the world, just in time for his summer.
  • Finish first blanket I started before I ever got married. (This one is in storage, so it may be a while.)
  • Figure out all other Christmas gifts, buy yarn, start knitting and hope I finish before New Years.
  • Get around to knitting pants for friend who insists these are a necessity. (Or just keep this joke running for all eternity.)
  • Knit all the gnomes and send them with every student missionary all over the world.

Okay, I know I have more projects but this list is already out of hand and nap time could end any minute.