July 30, 2011

pictures galore

Ok so I took a bunch of pictures...here we go!

headband I knit with sparkly gray yarn, love it!

Projects for our dining room wall:
glittery W

close up of the glitz

first part of this embroidery project. I plan to embroider our names in black over the &

Kitchen art:
red & aqua art

my favorite print and little aqua flower


Chuy tried to eat one...

Guest bathroom:
pom-pom and felt flowers & watercolor print

blue, lime & teal

wedding pom-poms

more wedding pom-poms

Craft/music room:
my side of our crafting room...this is clean compared to what it was

made these curtains and more wedding pom-poms

my fave part of the crafting area


Our bathroom:
finally hung our medicine cabinet and my hair flowers

birdy music print

ha, more wedding pom-poms and flowers

Halloween sneak peek:


Christmas sneak peek:
future stockings


Chuy says hi :)

July 29, 2011

holiday crafting

The past week or so I've been bit by the holiday crafting bug!

  • bought fabric to make our Wall family stockings
  • knit 2 Christmas monsters
  • bought a foam wreath form to wrap in yarn and decorate for each season/holiday
  • painted a cute halloween spider...thing
  • made felt halloween garland

I've also been working on some non seasonal decor for our little apartment like:
  • red glittery W for dining room wall
  • embroidered 'david & miranda' for dining room wall
  • dyed our headboard fabric
  • painted small crafting tray to keep my projects more contained
  • hung framed prints throughout the apartment
  • added more color to the guest bathroom
  • so much more I'm sure...

Our apartment is starting to really feel like home. I'm SO excited to start decorating for Christmas (after Halloween)!!

I hope to have pictures soon I promise. I always want to take pics at night and the light is just plain bad so I'm hoping to take some this afternoon :)

July 25, 2011

what i've been up to

I've been working on a lot of projects around the house plus some other random crafting. Here are some pics form my phone...all I have right now :)

ric-rac flower making

sparkly headband knitting

chain stitching

Oh and Chuy is just perfecting being the cutest dog ever :)

It's that time again...

Christmas knitting begins!

July 7, 2011

It's crazy hot here in Texas this summer. Makes it hard to knit sometimes. I started a new job last week and am trying to adjust my crafting needs around that. Weirdly enough, I've finished more projects around the apartment since I started working again than I did when I was home all day...silly.

Today I made a pillow case and curtains AND hung them. Pictures soon I hope :)

Tomorrow we head out to east Texas for some family reunion fun!