July 28, 2014

7 months of changes

I've been pondering what to post for a while and time eventually got away from me.

There were times in the life of this blog where I thought I'd post multiple times a week, document daily life, every detail of my wedding, pregnancy, apartment decorating, and so on. As my life grew and changed over the years I've realized that though I still love this blog, it just probably won't ever be something I devote a lot of time to...and I'm ok with that.

It's not that I don't enjoy sharing my life on here, I do. It's more I'm not very good at time management and this has just become a lower priority in life. I do like to come back and add pictures and sometimes there will be spurts of updates. Maybe someday it will pick up again as a regular thing. We shall see :)

For now, enjoy these updates. The last 7 months have held some big changes for David and I and some of them are revealed in the pictures below.

Got some new ink.
David turned a year older and got some new guitar toys.

Chuy turned 4!

We found out we'll be be gaining a new Wall in October!

Chuy remained the cutest poodle in the world.

I turned a year older.

Started baby knitting.

More baby knitting!

Did some non-baby knitting.

Back to baby knitting.

Colors 2 and 3 of a big 7 color blanket for baby.

Dyed some onesies.

Lots of naps and chill time on the couch with this little guy.

More couch time.

Even more couch time with Chuy.