March 30, 2012

Jesus, lover of my soul

The hubs and I have been singing together for over 6 years now and it's our true passion.  We finally made a recording for the first time last night!  We've had live gigs recorded but this is the first time recording ourselves.  I'll be honest, it's weird!  I feel weird not having a mic in my hand and not being on a stage to perform.  So weird. 

Well anyways, here's the video.  I know this is mostly a crafting blog but music is an equally big part of my life so I wanted to share with yall :)

March 27, 2012

A photo challenge

I've been doing a photo challenge on instagram this past week and it's fun! Below is a recap of week 1.

day 1: self portrait
day 2: what I wore
day 4: favorite color
day 5: someone I love
day 6: childhood memory
day 7: something new
Did you notice the lack of day 3? Oops! It was clouds, and it was a completely clear Texas day so I don't feel too bad. I thought about taking a picture of my bag of stuffing then....forgot :)

March 19, 2012

An elephant

I just love Ysolde Teague's knitting patterns. I have a few of her books and have knit several pieces. One of my favorites is Elijah. I knit one four years ago for my now nephew and had a hard time giving him away, honestly. He was just so snugly and the perfect shape to be held. I managed to part with him but I've been longing to knit another one ever since.

One of David's co-workers saw a picture of the first one I knit and requested one for her soon-to-be born little boy. We talked colors and I set forth to make another adorable little guy. This time I made his feet green which I just love. It gives just enough color and interest to make him interesting without going crazy.

Maybe someday I'll make an Elijah for our home. It will be turquoise most likely though...duh :)

March 8, 2012

goin' bunnies

I have a pretty decent list of projects I need to work on this coming week for some custom orders.  I also have a surprise gift I'm hand sewing for this weekend.  With all this on my plate, what is it that I feel compelled to do as soon as I get home from work today?
Yup...I want to knit a handful of bunnies.  It's quite ridiculous I know.  Maybe I'll just knit one then get back to my blanket stitches and colorful felt.  Oh by the way, here's a sneak peak pic of what I'm working on.  The recipient might possibly read this, or see it on facebook so I can't post any more, it would give it away too easily!

Here's to some crafting focus in the next week...and to bunnies :)

March 7, 2012

One year!

The last two weeks have been crazy busy around here, sorry for the lack of posting. This past Monday, the hubs and I celebrated our first year of marriage (and 6 years, 1 month together)!!! We had a fun laid back date after work and he sent me some beautiful flowers at work earlier in the day.

It's been a wonderful year and I'm so excited to see all the adventurers we'll experience this next year. Some planned highlights are Disneyworld, saving for a house, and of course lots of music and crafting.

David, you are cool like bow-ties and I love you a ridiculous amount!!