April 28, 2009


Aren't these fun?! I made them for David's mom for her birthday. She loves color like I do so I thought a brightly colored bouquet would be perfect for her. It was fun to play with colors and see how just a different colored button could change the entire look of a flower.

I want to make another one for myself and just carry it around everywhere I go. Why is it you can only carry flowers and wear pretty things in your hair on your wedding day?

I seemed to have gotten a lot done last night (not including school work..oops!) I finished knitting a market bag I started last week. I finally finished my little cousin Kenneth's Christmas present. Yes, I said Christmas. I made him a cute little drawstring backpack with fabric from the movie cars. I hope to mail it to him this week. Everyone loves a surprise package in the mail right?

I also managed to find these cute tin containers for an order of my magnets & tacks. The lid is clear and so cute. I have three more so I might store some of my notions in them.

Today I finished another mr bear jr keychain in lime and teal. Hopefully I'll get a picture tomorrow before I send it off.

I feel like there's more I need to be working on. Oh yeah, those two tests and paper due tomorrow. ugh.

April 25, 2009


i marked one thing off my list this afternoon. As soon as the recipient gets it tomorrow I'll post more pics with details. I'm very excited about all the colors and the general cheeriness of it all. Cheer seems to be a theme lately.

I think I'll sew a sketchbook now. Yes...I said sew.

April 24, 2009


So much to do..
  • make neon bear
  • birthday surprise
  • magnet set packaging
  • finish business card design
  • flower hair pins for the shop
Now to go get some supplies, some food and just get out of the apartment for an hour or so :)

April 21, 2009

finally finally finally!

I finally did it!

I set up my etsy shop a while back but never got around to listing any items in it. Well I just spend a few hours taking pics, editing pics, listing, describing, etc. some great things.

All 12 of my mr bear key rings are up and ready to sell. Remember those wine glass IDs I made forever ago? They're up now!

I'm excited/nervous/anxious to wait and see how they sell. If you liked any of them go pick one up. They'd make great gifts too! If you don't like any of the color combos let me know and I can do custom orders easily.

Aside from the shop, aren't these bears cute?! I love their simplicity and how all the different color combos make them look so unique and different.

Also, I'm making custom sets of my magnets & tacks for anyone who would like to order a set. I can do any combination of small and large magnets and tacks. These will make a great mother's day gift (19 days away!)

Ok now go and buy a cute bear :)


Fell asleep earlier while watching cartoons which in turn left me not sleepy now. I realized I hadn't made anything today (other than 2 papers and some seminary research...) so I set out to knit another flower hair pin. I also got caught up watching War Games. Now the movie's over and I have a new flower in my hair :) Both buttons are from my MeMaw. I love how the aqua one looks like it has stitches on it.

Some sneak peaks of some of the bears! I tried a few different color combos so I'm excited to show them all to yall soon :)

April 20, 2009


I spent all weekend making a batch of mr bear key chains to list in my etsy shop! I managed to get 12 done, which are all the ones I took home to make. I figured I'd get 5 or 6 done but I did them all...woo!

I'll be taking some pics of them tomorrow and posting them soon.

I will also be taking custom orders on them for $10 if anyone wants one in particular colors.

stay tuned!

ps. I changed my banner a bit, such a fun font!

April 18, 2009

a raibow of stitches

I used to make these cute little totes when I first started out making purses. My skills have advanced and I don't make as many totes anymore, though I think they're great!

When working at my church last year we cleaned out some closets and I found a little store bought yellow tote that was going to be thrown away. I knew I could do something with it so I brought it home. Around the same time I decided to pick up embroidering again. The yellow bag seemed the perfect canvas for it.

I started last semester or maybe in the summer sometime then just put it down and forgot about it. I needed something to carry my magnet project to class the other day so I stayed up late, finished the embroidery, took the badly sewn bag apart, lined it, found new handles, and put it all back together. I love it! It's the perfect size for carrying around my small projects.

It's also bright and cheery. I realize the embroidery on both sides don't really have anything to do with each other, but ah well. The main intention was to practice my chain stitch.

Stuff for my shop coming soon!

April 16, 2009

so much new

hmmm, what to post about first. I have three projects I want to show yall, but that would be way too long a post so I'll show one at a time I think.

First? Magnets and tacks! Exciting eh? I had to demonstrate how to make something in my class so I showed them all how to make magnets and thumbtacks with covered buttons. I had fun picking through all my fabrics to find some fun colors. I also embroidered two on felt. They're all so bright and cheery and random :)

the magnets...

and the tacks

April 14, 2009

oh sun

So, my creative juices tend to flow at night. I'm a night owl, I've always been one, don't foresee ever not being one really. It's not really a big problem, I get a lot done! But I have noticed one downside lately. Since blogging and trying to take more pictures of my work I've come across an issue...

There's no sunlight at 2am.

I kinda need that big ball of burning gas to get good light for my pics.

I have 2 projects I want to post about tonight but they're both very colorful and picture horribly! I guess I won't be showing yall till tomorrow. Well tomorrow is busy, maybe not till thursday.

What I really need is for David to make me a light box to take all my pics in :)

Coming soon: embroidery, tote, yellow, magnets, tacks, felt, rainbow...oh my!


I think these bunnies explain themselves. Cute cute cute! :)

I love how the variegated bunny looks like a ninja b/c of where the yellow ended up. That last one (which is burnt orange) is Steph's and the shape of the ears looks like a hook'em to me :)

April 13, 2009

foxxy jr.

My sister's had a hard semester with school, theatre, health issues, and stupid people in general. Some of you may remember the foxxy I made her in the fall to cheer her up when she hurt her foot. Well I decided she needed a smaller version to fit in her pocket or hang on something.

I pulled out the pattern I drew for foxxy and free-handed a smaller version. It's only about 2 inches tall this time. I decided felt was the best material; doens't fray, easy to cut details and great for handsewing. I stuck with her fave colors of green and grey.

He was pretty simple to make. Just drew the pattern and cut it out, traced it onto my felt and cut those out. Then I embroidered the face and heart on the butt (my fave part I think). It's all sewn together with a simple blanket stitch and stuffed with a little bit of batting.

I gave it to her yesterday (saturday) and she loved it! I've already drawn up a mini version of mr. bear and hope to whip up a few this week. If anyone wants to order one in come custom colors let me know, I'd love to make you one. I'm not sure on the price yet, I'm going to try and time how long all the hand stitching takes on the next one.

Hopefully pics of my easter presents will be coming soon!

April 9, 2009

some sneaks

No time to really post this morning (it's still morning right?) I wanted to post a few more sneak peak pics and one from the wedding. David and I rarely look so fancy so I'm gonna cherish it :)

April 8, 2009


I made some cuties tonight! I finished 3 of my bunny nuggets and made a little felty surprise. They're all destined to be gifts so I won't talk about them too much until after this weekend. Just thought some pics would be nice :)

April 7, 2009

ah well..

I never finished my little cardigan. I'm giving my fingers a rest from those tiny needles. Regardless of my lack of cardigan, the wedding was fabulous!! Stephanie was beautiful and it was a great time of family, friends, and community getting together to show our love for The new Guilbeauxs! I got to see a bunch of kids from our old church that are all grown up now. It made me feel old, ha.

David and I got to sing for them during the ceremony, which I loved! I used to sing Steph to sleep in our Baylor days when I'd practice for voice lessons or choir. She managed to stay awake this time :)

To replace my cardigan knitting I've taken to knitting little bunnies for Easter! They're adorable little things. I've gotten 3 all knit up, just need to stuff and sew them up. Fun way to stash bust or feel good about knitting something in less than hour.

I'll hopefully have a pic later tonight :)

April 1, 2009

hurtin' fingers

I don't have much to say tonight. Just wanted to show yall the pattern I'm using to knit up my little cardigan for the wedding this weekend. It's the shetland shorty sweater from knitty.

I'm knitting it in a simple black to match anything in my wardrobe. As of right now I'm planning ot use some fuchsia buttons from MeMaw's collection. Oh...I omitted the ties and replaced them with two buttons in the center.

My fingers hurt from so many k2tog's and the size 4 needles, but I made some good progress tonight so I'm hoping I can finish!

Hopefully some pics soon..