April 30, 2010


I've had a pretty rough two weeks. From a kidney stone to a bruised rib cartilage to my 4th TMJ arthroscope and all the meds that accompany those things. Then add work on top of all that! Luckily I'm blessed with some amazing co-workers who have been so understanding and great through all this.

Today was a tough day especially. I had to drive to San Antonio for my post-surgery check up which was good, but that drive is tiring. Then I just felt generally yucky the rest of the day...AND I didn't have a hair band to put my hair up with and my hair decided to be mega frizzy. It's the little things that get to you when you feel lousy.

I figure I need to make a list of some things to focus on to keep me cheery tomorrow.

  • Lipton vanilla caramel truffle tea (yes, it's as good as it sounds!)
  • knitting monsters
  • my little mermaid cup....still cheering me up
  • burt the bear
  • hanging out with David tomorrow
ok bed time.

April 27, 2010


I'm not sure how much I've talked about it on here but I'm going to Hawaii this summer with some high school seniors and college students at my church. I'm pretty stoked about it to tell you the truth. While there we will be working with the pacific islander people who immigrate there to work in the tourist industry, and often live up to 20 to an apartment. We will also be helping out with the Baptist World Alliance Congress. We will get to experience worshiping with Christians from over 150 different countries all over the world...awesome!

I have to raise a good amount of money to go, most of which I have not raised yet. I'm not worried though, I have faith God will provide...He always has :) The total cost fro travel, airfare, room and board and meals is $1500. So far I have $190 in my account at church.

I just sent out letters to most of my family and family friends asking for prayers and any monetary contribution they feel led to give. I also decided to make some cute canvas tote bags to sell as a way of raising money for the trip. 100% of the money I get for these bags will go straight to my account for the trip this summer.

They are made from beige canvas lined in a fun bright Hawaiian floral cotton. The top-stitching on the outside matches the floral fabric. I also hand painted flowers on the outside in coordinating teal, green and gold.

You can see by the magazine pics how big they are. I bought enough materials to make 24 bags, but as of right now I've made three. If any of you would like to order one let me know and I'll start cranking them out.

I decided to set a price of $25 for each bag, or a donation amount you feel led to give for one of them. With each bag I will also include a prayer card with specific requests for our trip this summer and the people groups I will be working with.

If you'd like to order a bag you can comment here or email me at randamocity@gmail.com. Mostly I would love your prayers! Going on any length of mission trip is hard but rewarding work and only possible with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ lifting me up from around the world :)

April 22, 2010

surgery and happy things

I had my 6th jaw surgery yesterday. They're pretty routine now, but still painful.

I'm at home now recovering and here are a few things cheering me up:

my new little mermaid sippy cup of awesomeness

my shimmery new zebra shoes

I want to make some pretty cheery bunting for my desk at work

my new headband i knit last week

watching the tinker bell movie