August 24, 2009


My jaw has been hurting a bit tonight so I took some meds to make the pain go away and sleeping easier...and now I just want to knit. So I'm sleepy and to fidgety to sleep, blegh. I think I'm going to knit a little surprise for an upcoming birthday and see if I fall asleep on my yarn. Oh and I finally uploaded some pics from my life lately.

I have three small windows on one side of my new room and this one is my favorite with all my colorful glass in it. This was taken around 11am, the 5pm sun shines through and lights up the glass beautifully.

A little sneak peak at my aqua walls and black sheer curtains. Such a lovely color.

I took an illegal picture before the show started at Wicked!

Progress shot of my Gretel beret. The color is a prettier teal, can't wait to get a picture in the sunlight.

Close up of the yummy cables.

August 23, 2009

where has summer gone?!

I can't believe I haven't posted in over two weeks! I guess my surgery and busy summer have really kept me preoccupied.

I've been knitting a bit and getting ready for my LAST SEMESTER of college. Scary.

I'm knitting Ysolda's Gretel in a lovely light teal cascade yarn. I'm loving all the cabley goodness. Makes it an interesting knit that I don't get bored of after an hour.

I finished up my mom's birthday slippers and gave them to her. I need to get some pics. I really like how they turned out, I even added some cute buttons :)

Next on my personal knitting list is crazily enough...I think a sweater! A cardigan actually. I think I want a cute little black cardigan to wear with t-shirts and jeans. The ones I have that are black are too tight for some of my t-shirt sleeves, so yeah, I need to get on that. If I'm lucky, it'll stop being over 100 degrees everyday so I can get motivated enough to even start knitting a sweater, heh.

Well I hope to be back soon with pictures!

August 6, 2009

stitches...of all sorts

Well, I had another jaw surgery today. This brings the tally up to five in three and a half years. The last one lasted a year and a half so I'm hoping this one will last just as long if not longer. These smaller surgeries aren't too bad, just takes me a while to get out of my anesthesia daze.

I've been eating pudding, jello, and chicken soup broth. I might even brave some easy mac tomorrow! I've also been passing the time spent awake with knitting my mom's birthday present (her birthday was today..happy birthday momma!) I can't tell you what exactly I've been knitting until I give it to her, hopefully sometime tomorrow. I'm excited because I tried attached i-cord for the first time and I like it, aside from how long it takes, heh.

Anyways, back to some knitting and then more meds and then hopefully sleep! Pray for continued healing and no more nausea from the meds.

ps. my ear is also bleeding which I can't figure out whether or not is related to the surgery so I'm wearing a stylish piece of kleenex in there.