February 21, 2010


I haven't posted in over a month! Sorry bout that...to anyone who might actually read this, haha.

The reason for my slowed pace in updating is I got a full time job! I am now a member services representative for Relativity Press. We have two brands right now that deal with real estate agents. The company trains agents on how to help homeowners who are in threat of losing their home in foreclosure and bankruptcy, sell their home in a short sale instead. It's a great company that is doing great things for families and individuals all across the country.

I think the average age of the 40ish people working there is about 25. David works there too as a designer. Actually I knew 4 people I work with before I started...David, Casey, Whitney and Joel. So even if answering phones and emails starts to get boring after 8 hours, I have fun people I love around me all day.

God has definitely blessed me with this job and my co-workers. Now I just need to find time to knit and sew again.

I'm currently knitting some fingerless mitts for my sister, a scarf/shawlette for me, and planning a knit monster for Sophie. I also have a bunch of bags I need to sew.

I'm making and selling canvas tote bags to raise money for a mission trip I'm taking to Hawaii this summer. As soon as I get the first one finished I'll get some good pictures and post them on here with more details on my trip and the people I will be working with. I'm very excited about this trip, the people I'll meet and the great tings God is going to do.

Well I need to knit a bit then get to bed.

Goodnight readers, I hope to be back soon! :)