August 27, 2012


Sparkly garland for my office desk
Mickey inspired monster ball!
Concert of prayer (my handsome hubby in the green shorts)
Leading worship barefoot
I cut my bangs this morning! No more side-swept action.
Working on a custom order full of owls!

August 24, 2012

ideas ideas...

I've caught an itch to start sewing some more lately.  Knitting is my favorite craft but let's be can take forever sometimes and if you knit tight (which I do) it can start to hurt the fingers after a few hours.  I'm stubborn and continue to knit when my fingers hurt and that's just bad...bad Miranda!

Moving on...

I've been properly sewing for the past 7ish years and I really enjoy making bags.  Know what's so awesome about bags?  They don't have to fit.  If a bag turns out a little smaller or a little bigger than I planned it's all cool.  Well, unless you're making a tiny coin purse to hold an ID card that turns out too small for said ID card...but it's ok, it still fits my iPod nano, ear buds and little gym card. See, not a big deal.  Clothes on the other hand...blegh.  Too much measuring and worrying about it fitting in the end.  Just not my thing, so please, don't ever ask me to make clothing...unless it's knit...and a hat or scarf.  Those things stretch :)

Back to bags.  I love how simple yet useful that are.  If I'm in a detail mood I can sew a purse with lots of pockets, flaps, buttons, adjustable straps and so on.  Other times I can slap a few rectangles together with a zipper and make a tote bag or coin purse.  Instant gratification, I love it!

I have a lot of canvas at home that I bought to make tote bags to sell for a mission trip fundraiser. I'm pretty sure I made one...and I never even sewed up the hole in the lining...oops.  So now I have a lot of canvas I plan to dye and paint and make lots of simple tote bags to put in my shop.  We'll see if this pans out, but I'm pretty excited about this plan right now.

Keep an eye out for sneak peaks of painted canvas around here!

On a completely different note, David and I are starting a worship/prayer time at our church tomorrow that we hope to make a monthly thing.  We've been praying and working on it for almost a year and we're finally doing it!  I'm really excited to see how God will use us tomorrow.  I love singing for His glory!

August 8, 2012

the past 3 weeks..

Here is my life in pictures from the past three weeks :)

i cut my bangs...and love them!

knit a tiny bow headband

made cherry sorbet...yummmmm

knit an X for an alphabet themed baby shower

created a new necklace with wooden beads and chain

road-tripped to DFW with the hubs for a dear friend's wedding

cute yarn bon-bons!

took notice of the many faces/moods of Chuy (the bottom right one cracks me up!)

knit a new friend then sent him on a trip to Massachusetts

made a new key fob for a friend at church