September 30, 2008


I finally got the bag for David's mom finished up and I of course forgot to take a picture of it! I'm hoping to get some this weekend when I'm at his house. It turned out great and I love the embossed vinyl a lot!

I ordered 50 colored zippers on ebay today for $1! I can't wait to get them and start whipping out some clutches. I'm hoping to bang out some this coming week and get them up on etsy. We shall see how many I can get done :)

Hope to have pictures soon!

September 22, 2008

a lot but not

This past week has been busy, but not very productive it seems. School, church, band practices, sleeping and of course David take up most of my time. Less school and more crafting and David time would be lovely. I'm blessed though so I enjoy what I do get to spend my time on.

I am currently avoiding a nutrition fast food paper for my Food Systems Lab tomorrow. I also have a paper due in my Interior Design class that I've decided I'd just rather not write...I'm bad. Oh well, I'll make it up in the next project, heh.

On a non-crafty note, David and I decided to try to make real queso (that means no velveeta!) tonight. We got two different cheeses, an onion, peppers, diced tomatoes, bacon and these awesome restaurant style chips that i love. Unfortunately we failed. I mean, it tastes like queso, kind of...but it does NOT look like it. We did however succeed in opening the bag of chips just perfectly and the are great. Hopefully next time will taste better. If anything, we had a lot of fun cooking together and almost setting the smoke alarm off.

Back on to crafty issues. I found time to pick up my knitting needles this week. I made a few of these fun little scrubbers. The sponge in our kitchen was beyond disgusting so I decided only knit dishcloths and scrubbers from now on. When they get dirty you just toss them in the wash!

I took my sewing machine to my parent's house this weekend hoping to work on the vinyl bag for David's mom but I forgot my pattern at my apartment and wasn't motivated for some reason. I did finally get a teflon foot for my machine this weekend though. That lone left me itching to make something. I looked at lots of rancom patterns online and one caught my eye. This wallet was simple and let me play with fun color combos. I have no use for it so one of my friends might get it in the mail. I plan on altering a some things and making a few more for gifts and maybe to sell.
Well I really should try to write this paper. Hope to be more productive in my sewing endeavors in the next few days :)

September 13, 2008

flowery vinyl!

David's mom loved the two bags I made and wanted me to make her some for work. Today I made her one similar to my clutch. It's a little deeper and has a strap so she can wear it over the shoulder. I used this embossed black vinyl I got at Hobby Lobby for the outside and a pretty blue/teal/green print I got in a fat quarter from Hancock Fabrics.

It has 6 credit card pockets, a money pocket, and an outside change zipper pocket. The strap can be removed so she can throw it in the bigger bag I'm going to try to whip up tomorrow.

I'm in love with this vinyl and she loved it too when I gave it to her today. I can't wait to make the bigger bag and see how it turns out :)

September 9, 2008

in progress and some future plans

sneak peak at my latest knit project

my bags have been holding up great and have been a hit with my family and friends. the wonderful people on craftster have been so encouraging too!

David's mom now wants me to make her a bag similar to my purple one to use for work, and a small purse like my wristlet for her events. I'm hoping to get some black vinyl for those this week and get those done this weekend. She also has some pillows she wants covered so I'm set sewing wise for the next week or two!

i also added an eyelet and strap to my wristlet to make carrying easier.

I knit a bag a week or two after I got home from Canada. David found a store in Houston full of left-handed guitars, so we decided to go one day to see about trading in one of his electrics. I decided to take a project with me to knit in the car, in the guitar show, and even more in the car on the way home. I had it nearly completed by the time we got home.

I got the pattern from the knit-picks site. I used sugar'n'cream cotton yarn in black teal and lime green...i can't remember the actual color names.

The bag is perfect for my knitting project. it can expand to any size and doesn't squish my little stuffy inside that I'm working on :)

I hope to have some bags and maybe some knitting done this week. stay tuned!

September 6, 2008

my two new favorite bags!

Being an asthmatic in Texas in this heat can be a struggle sometimes. Then you add having to walk all over campus onto that and it's always a struggle. I love my (ok David's that i stole) backpack, but it's just too hot and heavy on my back. I have a few tote bags I've been carrying but they just aren't doing the job as well as I'd like. So what do I do? I make one!

I spent hours searching for ideas online and I finally came up with a simple tote bag that my laptop could fit in horizontally along with all my other school folders, spirals, pencil case, assignment book and wallet. I saw a bag on craftster that had cute pockets on the front so I wanted to incorporate that too. I had some purple vinyl leftover from a travel bag I made a few months ago and lots of black and grey swirl cotton fabric from me not lining said bag.

I started drawing out a pattern and then just cut away on Monday afternoon and by that night I had my new favorite school bag. Now onto the picture!

for bigger pics go to my flickr

I used this past week and it's been great. The only downside I found was when I would go somewhere after school and didn't have a purse with me. I'd either have to carry my wallet, phone and keys or take the whole bag in with me to a restaurant or something. This got me thinking a wristlet/clutch would be fun to make. I'd never really had a need for one before but I always thought they were so cute.

Thursday after having lunch with David and taking him back to school I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and found some pretty black and white damask print and yellow broadcloth. I just used a simple lined zipper pouch pattern and added some credit card pockets and an outside zipper. Once I got the credit card pockets folded, ironed, and sewn the rest was a breeze!

I love the simplicity of the crisp black & white with the pops of color on the outside. I don't use much yellow in my sewing so that was a refreshing color to use. I used it last night when I went out with my grirlfriends and it's such a great size. It fits my phone, keys, credit cards, a pen, chapstick, and my inhaler with plenty of room if i need it. Since taking the pics I've added a 1/2" eyelet on the right side to clip on a wrist strap. I'll get pics of that up once I'm back in San Marcos and can make a simple strap.

I have a knitting project still in the works that I'd like to finish up before the weekend is over, so stay tuned!

September 4, 2008

coming soon..


things i've made this past week:

1 purple vinyl school bag
1 black denim purse for sister
1 wristlet

my sister asked me to make her a purse as soon as i got home from Canada over a month ago. being out of the country for 2 months, i was in no mood to make her something just yet. i finally whipped it up on saturday afternoon. i used a burda pattern as a guide and changed the measurements to fit what she wanted.

the outside is a black denim and the lining is a fun green print i found in the fat quarter section at hancock fabrics. she loved the fabrics and the finished product too :)

i'm hoping to get some good pictures of the purple bag and the wristlet. they're some of my favorite sewn items so far!