October 29, 2008


My sister, Miriah, sprained her ankle pretty bad today in her jogging class. I haven't seen it yet but she said she burst a blood vessel so the bruising is pretty bad and she's in quite a bit of pain.

Well, I wanted to make something tonight, something I hadn't ever made before...

I introduce to you...foxxy!
I made her from some leftover lime and charcoal grey fleece I had laying around. Green is her favorite color, especially lime...i think.
I love the simplicity of Foxxy. The nose is an appliqued triangle, and the eyes are satin stitch. The little lime heart on the rear is a simple split stitch.

I can't wait to give it to her tomorrow sometime. Hopefully it will cheer her up a bit.
I also can't wait to make some more of these soon. I have a lot of leftover fleece in fun colors that would be great for a menagerie of cuddly little creatures!

October 23, 2008

a camping he will go..

David is taking a backpacking class this semester for his PFW credit. He went on a weekend camping trip with the class this past weekend. He asked me to make him a day pack that can hold his camelback for hiking around. We found this waterproof digital camo fabric a while back at hancock fabrics that he liked. We also found that REI sells buckles, clasps, sliders and fun stuff like that.

I laid out his water bladder and measured everything out on some newsprint. In the main compartment there's a pocket for the bladder. There's also a small zipper pocket on the outside for small things. I put a clip for the straw piece on the shoulder strap to keep it in place.

I hope to get some better pics of the bag soon. These are from his trip this past weekend. Isn't he handsome? :)

October 21, 2008


ready for lots of pictures??

i made a little blue bird for my momma a few weeks ago.

i designed this bag to carry around my current knitting projects. it has a clear vinyl pocket so i can easily see my pattern and not have to worry about it falling all over the place. i love using it!

in the midst of my bronchitis i got the urge to bake some cupcakes. i had more fun with the food coloring and sprinkles than anything. they were delish!

i got these wooden spoons from my church last year when i was helping clean out some closets. i painted them with paint from our living room walls and added colors that match our dishes. some of the designs are from the dishes too. i think they add a fun touch to the dining area.

simple fabric decoration i added to my knitting needle vase :)

another scrubbie!

one of two slippers i knit for my momma. i made myself some purple ones that i may get around to posting pics of sometime soon...

horrible picture of the purse i made for David's mom. hopefully i can get some better ones sometime. this one doesn't do the vinyl and pretty blue justice.

So I've either been on a crafting spree lately...or just really bad at updating, haha. i think it's both.

till next time :)

October 20, 2008

still down but gettin better

i still can't seem to sing much, which if you know me...is killing me! my speaking voice is mostly back though, and my cough is nearly gone.

my weekend was quite slow but relaxing. David was camping with his backpacking class friday-sunday so I enjoyed some quiet alone time at my apartment. I cleaned up for once, had a movie night with my 2 best friends from high school, and did some knitting and painting. I guess the city was working on our electricity here so my power went out 3 times on saturday and the cable/internet was out all day. Hot water was and still is out, unfortunately.

I have lots of pictures to post of all my latest crafts. I need to get ready for my 9:30am class but I hope to get pics up this afternoon!

October 10, 2008

random updates

i've had asthma forever and one of the lovely side effects is bronchitis. i get it every few years and it knocks me down. i currently have no voice at all (i help lead worship twice a week...hmm) or lung capacity. some of it has settled in my lungs which i hope clears up soon. basically i didn't go to much school this week and i'm behind in my assignments.

being stuck at home has given me lots of time for craftiness.
- knitting project zipper pouch
- knit slippers
- another knit scrubby
- plans for some wall art brewing in my head

hoping to get pictures of all these up soon.

i looked at my course requirements the other day and it looks like i only need 27 hours to graduate after this semester! should be a breeze graduating december 2009. i'll try not to get ahead of myself on post-graduation plans :)

he's wonderful and scruffy and i'm so blessed to be the girl that goes crazy with him.

October 2, 2008

another wallet

i made another wallet this afternoon to give a friend of mine for her birthday. i haven't seen her since the middle of july so i'm very excited to show up and give her this :)