November 29, 2008

if only it'd snow..

the holidays are finally here, and the proof is in my cereal bowl! This is easily my favorite time of year. The lights, decorations, family, giving gifts to everyone I love, and most of all, remembering everything the Lord has done for us. People seem to be nicer around this time of year too (unless you're out shopping in which case they're just plain crazy!)

I have a long list of gifts to make for Christmas. I checked one off my list last night! Well, I can check it off as soon as I add buttons.

Since my last post I've done lots of sewing, knitting, and cutting. That includes cutting my hair! Oddly enough I'm trying to grow my hair out again, but it took me a while to finally get it all even. I also tend to cut it when I get bored or antsy. Here's hoping I can keep the scissors away from my locks.

I made another little bear the other day. I just love them. I want to surround my room with them in every color imaginable.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! December is almost here :D

November 25, 2008

well forget that..

Well my intention to post everyday in November has died, ha. Life gets the best of us I suppose.

I won't be able to post some of my completed projects until after Christmas since ya know...they're gifts...and gifts are surprises! There will be a massive post after Christmas though. Maybe even some teasers before.

School is wrapping up. I really only have one more project before finals, and only one of those is cumulative. It might as well be Christmas break :)

Time to clean up from dinner and the project I worked on tonight.

November 22, 2008

So much to make for Christmas. I don't even know where to start!

November 19, 2008

new beginnings

New project will be coming soon. I have a custom order for a Christmas gift and I'll be making up the pattern as I go! Here's hoping it doesn't drive me nuts, haha.

November 18, 2008

buttons buttons buttons..

I've been eyeing this tutorial for a week or so and I finally had some free time to work on it. It's very cute and I think it'd be fun to cover my little Christmas tree in them :)

November 17, 2008

novembers are stressful. not sure how much crafting i'll get done this week, but i hope to get some knitting out of the way.

schoolwork schoolwork!

November 15, 2008

so much to do..

I finally finished MeMaw's hat while I was visiting her at the hospital yesterday. It turned out much better than I was expecting. When she woke up I gave it to her and she loved it. It fit right over her bandage. i did have to take the ribbon off after a few minutes because it was putting too much pressure on her bandages and staples. Once all the swelling goes down and the bandages come off it can go back on. It looks great on her and the edge cuts the glare of all the hospital lights for her. Her eyes have been bothering her for a while now and bright lights are too much.

All in all it turned out perfect! It fits perfectly. The color looks fabulous on her. It's soft. It makes her eyes more comfortable. Awesome :)

I have another long day ahead of me. David is going to go to the hospital with me again today to see MeMaw and hopefully catch my cousin and her 3 kiddos there too. Actually my whole family on my mom's side should be there. My mom, her sister and 2 brothers, cousin, her kids, me and my sister. It's like Christmas and our gift is a healthy MeMaw!

After the hospital David and I have an engagement dinner to go to. So excited to see Steph and Bo and spend some time with them.

Oh AND the low tonight is like 33. yay!

November 14, 2008

November 13, 2008

mr bear goes purple

made another mr bear this afternoon. i needed something to make the time go faster while i waited for my mom to call me with the results on MeMaw's surgery. She finally called and everything went well! She will most likely be in ICU until tomorrow sometime then she can have her own room.

I want to thank everyone who has been praying for her. God definitely heard yall and was with her every second.

Ok now back to mr bear. This one is for David's mom to have at work. When I gave her the diaper bag she ordered with the pink bear she didn't want to give it away. I figure everyone could use a cute little bear to cheer them up on gloomy days!
Instead of embroidering a heart like on foxxy, I thought a small heart applique would be cute...and much easier! I love the look.
I might be going crazy with these stuffies :-P

I'm nearly done with MeMaw's hat. I had her try it on last night and it looks great and she loves it! My mom has some cream colored satin ribbon that looks great with it too. Hoping to finish this tonight, and if not then tomorrow while I'm at the hospital visiting.

dun du-na-na!

November 12, 2008


i finally finished the diaper bag! there were frustrating moments and very enjoyable easy moments. all in all i'm pleased with the final outcome. i'll have some better pictures tomorrow when the sun comes up.

i still have the changing pad and blanket to finish. easy peasy compared to the bag, haha.

on a non-craft note. i got gas for $1.95/gal today. it was beautiful!

November 10, 2008


i made a mess of my parent's dining room table this past weekend. this is actually pretty clean for what it got to, heh.

my latest mr bear...err, miss bear?
the bears.

beginning of MeMaw's hat.

not sure yet if i'm going to tie the hat with ribbon or i-cord. i think i'll see what MeMaw wants when u see her tomorrow. hope to have this hat done soon!

November 9, 2008

diaper bag almost done!
still need to cut and trim the fleece blanket then the set will be complete and ready to give.

this is going to be a busy week with short posts i imagine.

November 8, 2008

lazy saturdays

today was another eventful but not kind of day.

what did i do?

knit hat.
worked on diaper bag.
knit hat.
ate mexican with david.
knit hat.

and now i'm here.

i'm not used to knitting with such small yarn and needle size.  it seems to be taking forever.  i've got about 3 inches done with maybe 4 more to go.  I hope to try it on my MeMaw this coming week before I begin my decreases.  i'm sure i'll make some good progress on it soon, hats can just be so boring sometimes :-P

November 7, 2008


missed a day already.

yesterday was eventful but also relaxing and laid back. i love that combo. get to feel rested without feeling lazy. beautiful.

i got my pink mr. bear done yesterday afternoon. my camera battery is near dead s no pics tonight. I might wait till I get the whole set done to post pics actually. a teaser though...bigger ears, way cute!

Today, i got the last of the fabrics I needed for the diaper bag and cut the main pieces out. i got tired of it for some reason and turned to knitting MeMaw's hat instead. I finished the lace on the brim and am nearly done with the loops for the ribbon tie. Had to stop because my fingers are achey. I wish i could figure out how to prevent that, guess it's the size 4 needles.

Battery is gonna die soon and I'm too lazy to plug this in. Till tomorrow...

November 5, 2008

It feels good to only have a 3 day week of school. Both my professors are at conferences tomorrow so no class for me! What shall I do with all that free time?

sleep in. start the diaper bag. knit. awesome.

I just cast on a hat for my MeMaw. They're going to shave part of her head for the surgery so I told her I'd make her a hat. It needed to be super soft, a subtle pretty color, and not too snug fitting. I also wanted some sort of decorative edge and the ability to loosen or tighten it with a ribbon or i-cord. I searched ravelry for a few hours, showing options to my mom and we finally settled on one that seems perfect so far!

It's the Chapeau Marnier from knitty summer 2007. I'm knitting it in Bernat stin sport in Clear Sky. It's a bit bigger than the recommended yarn and i'm using size 4s instead of 2s. I'm hoping this will make it a bit looser for her.

Well off to knit. Hope to have some progress shots tomorrow :)

now on to more important things

i'm glad all this election business is finally over. i've never been one for politics, i just don't like them. so anyways!

on a non-crafty note. a week or so ago we found out my MeMaw (mom's mom) has a benign brain tumor about the size of a golf ball in front of her pituitary gland between her eyes. She's having surgery to try to remove it next Thursday at 8am. If any of yall are prayers I would appreciate that so much. I have faith that God is going to take care of her and be with her during every second of the surgery and afterwards during her recovery.

ok i have lots of journals to write for a class...yay..

November 3, 2008

some random stitches

It's nice to be home after a day full of exams. Family & Personal Resource Management, Consumer Law, and Food Systems...whew!

I had to use my jump drive today to print something at school and I thought some kind of strap on it would be nice to make it easier to find in my bag. Of course this distracted me from my tests and all I could think about was sewing, heh. As soon as I got home I remembered this tutorial which inspired me, found some scraps and whipped one up! I love simple quick projects. So gratifying.

I tend to go in phases of sewing a lot, then knitting a lot, then sewing a lot, maybe some painting...and it continues. Lately has been a sewing phase. I've also done a bit of knitting and completely failed to post any pictures of it. A few are small toys, remember..i like instant gratification :) I also knit a scarf with some Noro in color 182 that my roommate got for me in St. Johns, Newfoundland. I only had one skein so it took me a while to think of something to make with it. I thought I'd try a simple lace scarf and I love it. Onto the visuals..
blue birdie

November 2, 2008

november day 2

so i thought i'd try participating in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) this year. Might be a bit difficult since this is mostly a crafting blog but maybe I'll be inspired to craft everyday!

i'm trying to think of a few more animals to make into stuffies like foxxy and mr. bear. David's mom suggested a frog, and I figure a bunny could be cute. let me know if yall have any suggestions. they're pretty flat so some animals would be pretty difficult or not fit into the style i'm going for.

i got fabric for a diaper bag i'm going to be making this week. i've never made a diaper bag before but i think i have it pretty well planned in my head. it will be a variation of my pocket purse i've made a few of. here is a semi accurate shot of the fabrics. it's night time so it's the best i could do :-P
the brown is a cotton print i found at hobby lobby. i ordered the pink and white polka dot oil cloth on ebay for the lining. the pink fleece is also from hobby lobby and is going to be a baby blanket and a mr. bear!

i want to make lots of little stuffies, though i'm afraid i'll fall in love with each one and never want to sell them or give them away :)

November 1, 2008

snap snap snap

who is that?

i can't believe it's november! and it's not even cold outside...makes me miss northern BC a lot.
halloween was fun. spent the night on a double costume date as a beatnik with my boy(i knit that scarf and beret!) and one of our fave couples...
fred and wilma!

i shopped all day for supplies for a custom order then spent the early evening making a pattern for a teddy bear.
you can kind of see my foxxy pattern behind the bear. not sure what to name my bear yet, hopefully it'll come to me. anyways...i introduce to you mr.bear.
i finished him today after a women's brunch at church. i actually made him as a prototype for a little bear i'm going to include in a baby gift. she'll be light pink and chocolate brown. hope to have her done this week :)