February 20, 2012

A bouquet

David had to work late tonight so I watched a nameless CW tv show, which may be my newest guilty pleasure, and worked on a custom order for a friend at church. I made lots of these pom pom flowers for my wedding last year. They were used on the stage during our ceremony then moved to our reception to serve as centerpieces. They now decorate our home in random places. I love how seussical they look. This post is in perfect timing with The Lorax coming out soon, since they have the same spirit as a truffula tree :)

I made some green and brown pom pom flowers for a friend's bridal shower and another friend just loved them. She wanted a bouquet to go in her craft room. I love the look of the mixed color flowers so much.

These are really simple to make. Maybe I'll take some progress shots sometime for a mini tutorial. I basically use a clover pom pom maker then add some floral wire.


February 17, 2012

the bug

I have the crafting bug really bad right now and I'm sitting at work with nothing to work on...poo.  I also have several things at home I need to finish/start-then-finish that starting a new craft would be silly. 

We have no plans tonight other than making pizza, so I'm hoping to get some stuff done.  Maybe I'll make the pillows I said I would make for a friend 5 months ago...oops!

Hope to have pics of something later.

February 10, 2012

Button love

I just love buttons! I'm pretty sure I've made that clear on here before, but just in case you're new and didn't know...I love them. I have quite a collection, that is now divided by color into at least 12 jars.  I saw this on pinterest and loved it instantly, button AND aqua?! Yes, please. 

For my first non-sewing button project I decided to go small.  Plus, I had these small canvases from years ago when I still lived in San Marcos and was decorating my own apartment. I've been seeing button art a lot on pinterest but never tried it till now. I thought a little valentines heart would be the perfect beginner project for me, plus I didn't have to buy anything.

I taped off the canvas with painters tape and painted the red lines.  I then removed the tape and groaned at how Messy the edges ended up. I used my super fancy chiseled sponge brush (.49 cents at Michael's) to fix this. The lines are a little wonky, but I'm saying it adds character. 

I then poured out all my Red buttons and started arranging them into a heart shape. Let me say now that whe it comes to crafting I can be a little tiny bit OCD. It took me forever to get the perfect shape and I kept bumping the canvas sending my perfection into disarray. It was a dramatic 10 minutes of me sitting home alone being very anal. 10 minutes equals forever right? Anyways. I didn't have the exact size red button I needed to keep my heart even so I thought a different color could be fun. To make it something I could hang all year and not too valentiney I decided on aqua instead of pink. Plus, I love aqua, duh. 

Once all laid out, I began gluing from the bottom up. Everything shifted slightly but I kept my cool and remembered crafting is fun, and not stressful......mostly. 

To finish everything off I painted a cursive "love" in aqua.  I of course forgot to erase all my pencil lines before I took these pics, but don't worry, they're erased now. 

I will be propping this up on our mantle through valentines day and the probably hanging it in our kitchen somewhere since it matches our color scheme in there. 

Anyone out there making fun things with buttons?

February 8, 2012


David and I have never been really big on Valentines day, mostly because our dating anniversary is 9 days before. (that means we just passed year 6 of being together!!) Our first valentines date involved shakes at sonic (my mouth was still wired shut so that was all I could have) and The Matador in theaters. It was fun and low key. Since then we've never done much more than some pretty flowers and dinner at home, usually tilapia. 

Since we're married now David thinks we don't need to celebrate our dating anniversary, so I told him he had to celebrate valentines with me :)

 I've enjoyed playing with pink and red yarns.  To decorate I decided to make a simple pom pom garland for our mantle. It includes a pale pink, bubble gum pink, and red with silver sparkles all on an aqua string. I love how it turned out!  While trying to get a good picture I noticed many other critters around in matching yarns so now they're all gathered on our mantle to celebrate love. 

 This area of our apartment is really difficult to photograph because all the direct lighting is from behind. Please excuse the awful last picture, I just wanted to show the full length of garland. 


February 1, 2012

Bevo the monster

 Here's Bevo!  I gave him to Bishop today and he seemed to like it. He instantly called it a puppy which I thought was hilarious, and well those ears do look puppyesque :).  Oh, his name is Bevo after the UT longhorn mascot.  Bishop's dad is the UT BSM director/my boss, so the whole fam are now big UT fans. 

Enjoy a few pics. There's even a full shot with Chuy so you can see how big it is.