October 24, 2012

I'm ready...

Anyone else ready to decorate for Christmas yet?! I'm ready to get going with twinkly lights and shiny red and green everywhere. The hubs makes me wait until Thanksgiving but after that...it's on!

To keep me at bay until then I do decorate a bit for Halloween, so that helps. And I will be decorating my Sunday school classroom with a smallish Christmas tree this weekend to promote the Operation Christmas Child toy drive that our church is doing. Boxes are due November 4 so I want there to be a reminder the week before.

This is all the crafting I've done in the past week...

knit feather
David and I went to Houston this past weekend to see my best friend Emily and her hubby.  While there we had to go to Southpaw Guitars (all left-handed guitars for my backwards hubs) and I knit a feather prototype while he played. I have a few changes I plan to make and then incorporate it into some cool stuff.

my Emily!
Saturday - paddle boating in Houston
some pretty new fabrics
Sunday - Pentatonix concert!  So good.
Monday - IKEA trip to get David a cool table.

Expect Chuy pictures soon, he's getting a major haircut as I type this. :)

October 17, 2012

New items in the shop!!

I'm really bad about updating my etsy or keeping it stocked.  Right now I have 12 items listed which is a big deal, guys! Go check them out and buy everything :)

The latest additions are these great felt feather and button hair clips.  I just love them.  The newest one below has some fabric incorporated in the large feather.  There is so much versatility in such a small object and I've been having fun with that.  If you want one but don't see a color combo you like just let me know, I'm all about custom orders.

purple & silver & polka dots

all five together like a happy little feathery family

October 15, 2012

 Here's what I've been up to this past week.  I finally got over being horribly sick for two weeks so I was enjoying not being in bed or stuck in front of a computer.

I worked on a new hair clip idea and love the first few examples.  I've made five so far and now I need to go shopping for some more jumbo buttons! Let me know what you think, they'll be going in the shop this week as soon as I get some better pictures.

coral, aqua and grey feather clip

plum, goldenrod and grey feather clip

here's what it looks like on for size reference

sported some serious sparkles

Chuy in his new Halloween bandana being lazy

helped redecorate our Sunday school room | chalkboard paint is awesome!

beautiful downtown from my drive to work this morning

October 9, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Christmas! My favorite time of year, I just love it. The meaning behind it, the sparkling lights, family gatherings, generosity and all the love that abounds. Naturally this means Christmas crafting is super fun for me. Too early you say? Nay nay. To make homemade gifts plus make enough for those that place orders I have to start early. Here's some of what I've been working on lately.

Supplies for future festivities
Christmas critters!
I've been thinking about this Rudolph for over a year and I love how he's turning out so far.
Some Halloween goodness for those of that think its too early for Christmas :)

October 4, 2012

Love it or Leave it: faux feathers

This week: faux feathers

Not fake feathers that are supposed to look like actual feathers, but feathers made from other materials like fabric, paper, yarn, vinyl or felt. These can be made as simple and abstract or as detailed as you'd like, and in any color imaginable.

Here are some examples I've pinned as inspiration with links to my pinterest boards.

I love these so much!  Feathers, bold geometric patterns and native american themed color schemes are very in right now and while I don't like all of it, I'm totally into some of it.

Love it!

October 3, 2012

Sick days

As I posted before, I've been dealing with strep throat. On top of that I had some serious sinus issues (infection maybe?) and now a severe asthmatic cough. Pretty typical progression of illnesses for me actually, but still very annoying. David even got sick over the weekend and we had to postpone our second Concert of Prayer to this coming Saturday. Other than sleep, cough and blow my nose, I haven't been up to too much the past few days. A few littles have been knit but no pictures yet.

Santa supplies!
How the Walls do sick days
Asthmatic coughs lead to breathing treatments