June 4, 2013


I've been on a bit of a jewelry making kick lately. Compared to knitting and sewing it's just so fast and easy to complete a project! I'm also really picky about buying jewelry so I've just turned to making most of my own, unless it's something I just can't or don't know how to make. I love the versatility making my own jewelry gives me, plus it really is super easy.

I keep intending to make and sell some of my jewelry but I just haven't updated my shop yet. I do have at least 4 necklaces hanging up at home ready to sell. I've even taken nice pictures of them! Lazy? Yup! :)

Below are some necklaces I've made that aren't for me to wear. The first was my sister's Christmas present this past year. The second is one of my favorite creations lately. Mini spools wrapped in metallic yarn on a simple chain. There are even color options!