August 31, 2008

i did some sewing today..

I've been trying to find ideas and inspiration for a bag to use for a school. The last couple days have been spent perusing craft blogs and craftster non-stop. While looking for bag ideas I came across several projects I thought would be fun.

first I found a notebook cover that would be great for my planner. It's had a boring black cover and needed some spicing up. Sadly all my fabric is at my apartment and I'm spending the weekend at my parent's house. It wasn't worth the 30 minute drive to get fabric and I couldn't stand waiting so I made a trip to Hancock Fabrics. While rummaging through the fat quarter bin I found some and awesome flower print that I immediately fell in love with and a matching green paisley. I grabbed 3 of each for my current and future projects. I came home and whipped this up real quick.

I used the same fabric combo to make a zippered pouch to send to one of my fellow missionary friends in Georgia.

Hopefully I'll get around to sewing that bag tomorrow or monday!

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