December 29, 2008

oh goodness. busy busy busy!

Christmas was great and I finished all but one gift. I'll be knitting MeMaw's beret while I'm in New Orleans next week. I hope to post pics of everything I made sometime soon. I sadly didn't get pics of everything, but I'm sure I can figure that out.

My parents got me a serger, olfa cutting boards and cutters, a bunch of scissors and dvds. Everything was great and I can't wait to get home and try everything out soon!

On a non-craft note...I have strep for the third time this year. I was trying hard to not get sick, got my flu shot, drinking more water(kinda). Still got the strep. I'm hoping to get rid of it by wednesday for my church's big youth event for new year's eve. David and I have been singing at it for the past three years. I had to sit out two years ago due to bronchitis so pray I can make it this year! I just love leading worship for hundreds of young teens. God is soo good and allows me to take part in that :)

Better update coming soon. Until then....happy new year!!

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  1. so cute! i had no clue you made clay creatures. i make them too.