January 14, 2010

bows bows bows

I've discovered a great new hair accessory that I love to knit...bows! You might remember I made a cute little purple one for Whitney back in September for her 22nd birthday. She has big amazing curly hair and bows look perfect on her head. I noticed she wore that purple one a lot so I decided a box of more colorful bowiness was a must for Christmas. Her gift was actually the first of my Christmas knitting I finished.

I tried to incorporate every color of the rainbow in her box-o-bows and I think I succeeded. She loved them and I get a thrill every time I see her wearing one. They're the perfect accessory too because her work uniform is all black but she can wear whatever she wants in her hair. Now she can show off some of her funky style at work :)

I posted the pics of her bows on etsy and got a custom order within the first day. While in New Orleans last week I knit the 4 new bows for the custom order, she just got them today and loved them. yay!

They are still posted on my etsy and I'll accept orders on here or facebook as well if anyone wants any! I love knitting these and there is no end to the color combo possibilities!

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