March 4, 2010

I finally finished something AND took a picture...

...well I kinda took a photo. yay, photobooth!

So I've been sick all week.
Sunday - ear felt weird
Monday - went to dr and had ear infection, got meds
Tuesday - still felt crappy but made it through work
Wednesday - felt worse, stayed home, went to Dr, sinus infection and got stronger meds
Today - stayed home, basically had a sinus migraine all day...major suckage!

I'm on so much medicine right now. Strong antibiotics (the stuff they give you if you come in contact with ANTHRAX!!), zyrtec, sudafed, excedrin, mucinex, and I will taking benadryl in a bit to sleep. Don't worry, It's been a while since I took all that other junk so I won't die tonight of an overdose :) But seriously...if anthrax killing antibiotics won't cure me what will?

So yesterday and today I knit a few rows here and there and finished my little scarf/shawlette. It's the 22.5 degree pattern and I think I love it. I used a thicker yarn than called for and size 10.5 needles. It's plush, soft, and full of merino wool goodness.

Now I'm going to watch some Craig Ferguson and hope to sleep. Night all!

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