January 28, 2011

Some goals

So latter the wedding David and I have a few things we want to get serious about and accomplish.

First we need to work on our music more and hope to record some songs together here at home. We're asked quite often where a recording is and there honestly aren't any good quality ones.

Second, I intend to get back into blogging more again like I was before I graduated last year. I enjoyed sharing my crafting ventures and posting pictures giving a glimpse of the life I love so much.

And finally for me...more of those crafting ventures! I want to get serious about crafting, knitting, sewing and growing randamocity. It's what I truly enjoy doing and I'm so passionate about it.

I need your help though. I know I need to have some more focus in my products to start off with. If you could tell me what things I've made you like most or think others would want that would be amazing.

Any feedback is appreciated :)

Ok bed time, have work in the morning.

Ps. Typed on my iPhone so please excuse any weird typos
Pps. I'm getting married in 36 days!!!!!


  1. When you're working the other (usually more enjoyable) things fall by the wayside. I do look forward to you blogging more and I do look forward to you crafting more and i really look forward to your wedding pictures! We so wish we could come - but we just spent all our money on a house! ha! I think your soft toys are amazing coz they are really unique - but so are your hair pieces. I kinda think knitted goods are enough of a focus.

  2. I really loved the tiny little bunnies you made in various colors :D

  3. I was really impressed with that black and purple bag you made for Barbara (or a co-worker of hers? I think it was a diaper bag). It was beautiful AND professional :)