May 16, 2012

before & after: tick tock

I wanted to share a quick before & after I did last week.  This is a simple rusch wall clock from IKEA.  At only $1.99 I had my mom grab me two last time she journeyed to IKEA.  They've both been sitting on our kitchen counter for way too long and I got antsy the other day and needed to let my fingers rest from constant knitting.  I grabbed one and took it apart.  I was hoping I could just slip the current face out and use is as a template to make a new one in a more fun color or with fabric, but alas, it was double stick taped in like no one's business.

I gave in and decided I could just paint this one to spruce it up a bit.  Our music/craft room is painted "red" on two walls (it looks more hot pink to me, but that's another story) and we have pops of orange and yellow in the room already so I thought orange could be fun.

I began painting and of course they used glossy paper so the acrylic paint didn't want to stick to it very well.  If you could look closely at the clock you'd see some messy painting, but I don't care too much on this project.  I used fabric puff paint to go over the numbers and dots, luckily I could see them pretty clearly through the orange paint.

The original second hand was red and just looked blah over the orange face (plus it was a true red and I knew it would clash anywhere near our pink-red walls).  I tried painting it yellow first but didn't like it so I added enough silver paint to hie the yellow then covered it in silver glitter paint.  I love it!
When I finished I held it up to show David in front of our grey dining room wall and he said it looked too "halloweeny."  Luckily, it doesn't give off that vibe on a red(pink) wall.

When I'm not in such an impatient mood I plan to redo the other clock for our bathroom.  It's decorated in yellows and grays so that should be fun.  I might just mod podge some yellow bird fabric I have right on the clock face and forget the numbers, but we'll see.

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