October 24, 2012

I'm ready...

Anyone else ready to decorate for Christmas yet?! I'm ready to get going with twinkly lights and shiny red and green everywhere. The hubs makes me wait until Thanksgiving but after that...it's on!

To keep me at bay until then I do decorate a bit for Halloween, so that helps. And I will be decorating my Sunday school classroom with a smallish Christmas tree this weekend to promote the Operation Christmas Child toy drive that our church is doing. Boxes are due November 4 so I want there to be a reminder the week before.

This is all the crafting I've done in the past week...

knit feather
David and I went to Houston this past weekend to see my best friend Emily and her hubby.  While there we had to go to Southpaw Guitars (all left-handed guitars for my backwards hubs) and I knit a feather prototype while he played. I have a few changes I plan to make and then incorporate it into some cool stuff.

my Emily!
Saturday - paddle boating in Houston
some pretty new fabrics
Sunday - Pentatonix concert!  So good.
Monday - IKEA trip to get David a cool table.

Expect Chuy pictures soon, he's getting a major haircut as I type this. :)

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