November 29, 2009

kitty kittens

So I can finally show yall something I've been knitting this semester! I have some dear friends in Sydney, Australia who I decided to send some love to in the form of a package full of goodies. Naturally I had to knit something and I thought Ysolda's kitty stuffies would be perfect.

I picked a neutral variegated yarn I had lying around and had originally planned to add faces in dark brown. Once I finished the kittens I loved their simplicity too much to bother with faces, but I still wanted them to have a little something something extra, ya know?

A bowtie!...and a cute hair bow! Perfect :) One kitten even turned out a bit taller than the other.

I hugged them lots and then packed them away with others goodies, including one of my little knit hearts and sent them around the world. They got the package last week and now the kittens have a cozy loving home. I love knowing something I made with my hands is being loved.

I have officially finished two of my Christmas presents, one I finished tonight and I love. Get excited about all the pictures I'll get to post after Christmas!!

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