December 3, 2009

the end!

Today is officially my last class day of my undergraduate career! And yes, it has been a career, haha. I'm so ready to graduate! All I have between me and the stage are my physics and history finals next Thursday and Friday, and a presentation I have to show up for on the 15th.

I just got an email from my physics prof with a list of some key terms to know for the final. Seems nice right? There are over 400 "key" terms on the list. what. the. heck?! blegh!

Anyways, I have no idea what I'm going to do once I'm done so if any of yall have any ideas for someone with a bachelor of science in family and consumer sciences and a minor in fashion merchandising...let me know :) I am thinking about seminary, but that won't be for another year and a half I think, unless I take a class or two online, which could be fun. We'll see.

On the knitting front I've finished three of my presents! Well almost, I still need to weave in some ends in my latest completion. At the rate I'm going I might actually finish everything before Christmas.

Ok and one last thing. It's supposed to snow tomorrow! I really hope it does and all this hype isn't for nothing. Apparently it's only snowed six times in the past years in Austin. Poor Austin and it's lack of pretty white snow.

Ok I'm off to do whatever while I wait for my LAST class!

ps. I wrote a hat pattern so I might be posting that soon...we'll see :)

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