July 30, 2011

pictures galore

Ok so I took a bunch of pictures...here we go!

headband I knit with sparkly gray yarn, love it!

Projects for our dining room wall:
glittery W

close up of the glitz

first part of this embroidery project. I plan to embroider our names in black over the &

Kitchen art:
red & aqua art

my favorite print and little aqua flower


Chuy tried to eat one...

Guest bathroom:
pom-pom and felt flowers & watercolor print

blue, lime & teal

wedding pom-poms

more wedding pom-poms

Craft/music room:
my side of our crafting room...this is clean compared to what it was

made these curtains and more wedding pom-poms

my fave part of the crafting area


Our bathroom:
finally hung our medicine cabinet and my hair flowers

birdy music print

ha, more wedding pom-poms and flowers

Halloween sneak peek:


Christmas sneak peek:
future stockings


Chuy says hi :)


  1. Your home looks so cozy and sweet. Love your head band too : )

  2. Ahhh!!! Thanks! LOVE! I want wedding pom poms for my guest bathroom shower curtain :) do you take orders? I'm so glad God gave me crafty friends! And I lOvE the "home" print <3

  3. Love the print with the little birds, and pretty much everything in your guest bathroom. I need your skills and inspiration!