August 25, 2011

new knit flowers!

I had an order for some of my knit flower hair pins last week and got a bit worried at first. I love these knit flowers but after a while they get floppy and mine tend to slip off the bobby pins. it's also hard to keep the petals looking...petally. I wanted to fulfill the order but also didn't want to sell something that I knew wouldn't hold up the way I wanted.

I sat and though for a bit then decided I'd try to sew the knit flower onto felt just like my ric rac flowers. My only worry was they might end up super bulky.

Take a look!

I love how they turned out! (I made 2, I realize I'm only posting pics of one). The felt helped keep the petal shape so nicely. When I glued the back piece of felt on with the clip I shaped it a bit to form more naturally to someone's head. I tried it on and was surprised at how NOT bulky it felt. These flowers actually have a lower profile than my ric rac flowers.

Now I need to make some more for me and to get some more color options out there. Let me know if these suit your fancy and I can get an order going! I also have some non-flower hair clip ideas in my head for those of you who just don't want a flower in your hair :)

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