September 9, 2011

yesterday, today, tomorrow

Yesterday I knit 2 adorable pumpkins while relaxing at home.  I intend to get some pictoral proof this afternoon.

Today, I'm sending some special knits on a voyage to another continent.  Those pics will be posted once they meet their new mom :)  They were made to be mailed over 2 months ago and that just never happened.  I must confess I wasn't particularly motivated to get them out of our apartment considering how cute they are!  I guess I'll have to make my own now.

In some more ric-racky news, I bought some interesting ric rac this weekend.  Think vinyl, sparkle, and glitz!  All these things are too obnoxious for an entire piece of clothing, but for a flower, perfect!

This weekend I hope to knit a bat, make a wreath for our door, sew a new flower for my hair and...oh yeah, clean our dining room table.  It might look like a small yarn/felt/crafting mountain.  The hubs has this crazy idea that dining tables are meant for dining...pfffft!

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