October 7, 2011

paintchip books

So...I love these.  I had a few paint chips in my purse today and work and was playing around with different crafts to do with them.  I made my first matchbook style notebook and they're awesome.  I stapled the ones at work but knew they'd be so much better sewn.  On my way home I stopped by wal*mart and grabbed 40 different color samples and came home and immediately set to work.  I have 10 more to do, but I need to cut some more paper for the insides.  Each has 20 pages.

The books above are just the ones I finished before we had dinner with my rents.  I think my favorite part about these, aside from them basically being free to make, are the color names you can see on the cards.  I want that job, naming colors :)

I will be selling these for $1 at the craft fair.  I'm still trying to decide if I want to stamp some simple dots and swirls on them in black or just leave them plain.  decisions decisions!

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