October 27, 2011

some music

As a trained musician I find myself very prone to judging any music I hear.  I've learned to turn this off when listening to the radio but it comes out a LOT while listening to anything live.  I wince at pitch issues, make faces at bad tone and sigh heavily when someone tries to use their voice in a way God obviously did not intend them to use it.  If you know me, you've probably seen this.  I have a problem hiding my facial expressions.  I'm working on it, I promise :)

Saying all this, I also want to say that I am a huge believer that everyone can sing.  Everyone.  Some might be able to do it right out of the womb and others may have to work on it for a long time...but everyone can sing.  Every person is capable of making a joyful noise. 

Although I think everyone can sing, it doesn't mean I want to listen to everyone sing over a loud speaker.  It's just a personal preference.  I have a weird array of music I enjoy listening to.  The guilty pleasures like ABBA and Ace of Bass, the classics like Queen, and then my very favorites...folk.

the civil wars

I've slowly discovered that my very favorite genre of music to listen to is folk music, and I could listen to it all day every day.  Two of my favorites are The Swell Season and The Civil Wars.  One is an Irish/Polish duo (the stars of the movie Once) and the other a Cali/Bama duo.  The music is so raw and emotional.  If I could sing anything in the world it would definitely be something like this.  Bonus: I already have a guitarist who I harmonize with splendidly at home!

the swell season
Go to their sites and give them a listen.  You can even download a free live album from the Civil Wars on their music page.

I'm not sure how I got from the beginning of this post to the end, just ramblings I suppose.  I've been itching to record some music lately and I think this post is a result.

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