February 8, 2012


David and I have never been really big on Valentines day, mostly because our dating anniversary is 9 days before. (that means we just passed year 6 of being together!!) Our first valentines date involved shakes at sonic (my mouth was still wired shut so that was all I could have) and The Matador in theaters. It was fun and low key. Since then we've never done much more than some pretty flowers and dinner at home, usually tilapia. 

Since we're married now David thinks we don't need to celebrate our dating anniversary, so I told him he had to celebrate valentines with me :)

 I've enjoyed playing with pink and red yarns.  To decorate I decided to make a simple pom pom garland for our mantle. It includes a pale pink, bubble gum pink, and red with silver sparkles all on an aqua string. I love how it turned out!  While trying to get a good picture I noticed many other critters around in matching yarns so now they're all gathered on our mantle to celebrate love. 

 This area of our apartment is really difficult to photograph because all the direct lighting is from behind. Please excuse the awful last picture, I just wanted to show the full length of garland. 



  1. Oh those are so cute! We don't usually do much for vday either, but this year we're going to order in pizza and I'm going to make a bunch of Valentine's day decorations and desserts to just be fun and a little festive :) Pictures to come!

    PS - I may have fixed the commenting issue you've been having on my site. Let me know if it's still busted!

    1. I'll have to go try to comment soon then!