February 20, 2012

A bouquet

David had to work late tonight so I watched a nameless CW tv show, which may be my newest guilty pleasure, and worked on a custom order for a friend at church. I made lots of these pom pom flowers for my wedding last year. They were used on the stage during our ceremony then moved to our reception to serve as centerpieces. They now decorate our home in random places. I love how seussical they look. This post is in perfect timing with The Lorax coming out soon, since they have the same spirit as a truffula tree :)

I made some green and brown pom pom flowers for a friend's bridal shower and another friend just loved them. She wanted a bouquet to go in her craft room. I love the look of the mixed color flowers so much.

These are really simple to make. Maybe I'll take some progress shots sometime for a mini tutorial. I basically use a clover pom pom maker then add some floral wire.



  1. Beautiful!! Thanks so much!! :)

  2. Those are cute! And Seussical is an amazing word - I'm stealing it.