April 16, 2012

a great day

Yesterday was a great day.  I wasn't feeling well Friday or Saturday and Sunday started out the same way.  We had our spring musical at church in the morning that I was singing in so I had to get up.  The musical went great, it's always such a blessing to sing at my church.  I love the people there so much and really view them as my extended family.

After service my Bible study class went to our leader's house for lunch and a small study.  We took Chuy with us and it's fun to see him follow everyone around sniffing them and figuring out if he likes them or not.  He goes back and forth on people a lot, ha.

After lunch we went to the Ransom Museum at UT to see the King James exhibit along with one of five Gutenberg Bibles in the Country.  It was pretty awesome to see such an old but important piece of Biblical and literary history.  The man who made it died poor, but he started a revolution that put the Bible into the hands of the people who wanted to consume God's word.  I'm so thankful for that.

Gutenberg Bible
 After the museum some of us went to REI, sonic, Michael's then home.  Sophie and I worked on some paintings for our Sunday school classroom while David and Alex played video games.  Once they were over shooting people on screen we watched some New Girl (hilarious!) followed by the amazing Doctor Who.

It was a great evening of just relaxing with dear friends, painting, and laughing.  We have some more canvases to paint but I'll try to remember to get pics of them up on here.  We're having a lot of fun painting them!

my handsome hubby chillin before we toured the exhibit

ps. I may have bought a 16 pack of glitter in fun colors.....can't wait to play with it!

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