April 24, 2012

A wall: before & after

This wall behind our dining table has been bugging me lately. It had random stuff on it with no real color scheme to it. Our kitchen is red and aqua so I wanted that to carry over to the dining area.

What's great about this little redesign is it was all free! I'm a big fan of free. I simply took everything off that didn't go with the colors I wanted and then rearranged what was left and scoured the apartment for like-colored items.

I decided to keep some neutral colored pieces (black, gray, brown) and some dark blue and yellow. The blue pieces let me put our awesome glass Tardis panel up there. Our friend Sophie made it for us for Christmas and this is the perfect display place for it! There was also a bit of sparkly navy on my little knit owl.

Some of the pieces are handmade by me, some were wedding shower gifts, and others are souvenirs from our honeymoon in Vancouver.

I don't have a great picture of the wall before but I moved the W and birdcage woodcut. They were in the middle and looked really random. I wanted to be able to hang the picture line straight across the space and get some balance. Moving the W and birdcage into the empty space under the higher shelf really helped with this.

This biggest new addition to the wall is the picture line. I love it! I painted the clothespins a few days ago and simply clipped them on some black cotton embroidery thread held up by thumbtacks. I painted the tacks with the same silver glitter from the silver clothespins.

All these pictures were on our fridge but I love having them displayed more visibly here. The photo booth pics are us from 4 years ago and a few months ago. The other pics are save the dates and thank you cards from friends who all got married in the last year.

There's still a little void next to the birdcage but I have an embroidery piece I plan to hang whenever I finally finish it :)

Hope you liked this little before & after. I have lots of little projects in the making and can't wait to share them with yall!


  1. Great idea!! I love the color scheme idea. I have so many random walls in our house and they colors are all mixed! I may have to do some rearranging!

    (When I saw the title of this post I thought it was going to be about someone in David's family) :)

    1. Ha that's funny. I changed it a bit. Hopefully people don't think it's a makeover post about David ;)

  2. Wow! So I was scrolling through my google reader and i guess somehow it switched from Apartment Therapy to your blog and I was like hey! I know that girl in the picture! Oh wait, this is Miranda's blog! Haha, but it really does look like something that would be on apartment therapy! So adorable! The clothespins are awesome.

    1. Thank Kelly!! I love apartment therapy, so that's awesome :) It's amazing what a little paint and glitter can do to a wall!