July 6, 2012

Oh hey blog...

I swear I didn't forget you existed...I even made posts in my head, but life has just been crazy and I keep forgetting to focus enough to update you. Oops! I even loaded these pics to my blogging app a few weeks ago, then just forgot. David and I had a blast in Florida with my sis and parents, visiting my fam there and going to Disney World! Here are a bunch of pics from my phone (some stolen from David's too). Enjoy, and expect a glittery post coming soon!
Chillin on a plane
Driving into Disney!
Highlights of It's a Small World
Pirates life for me
Country bear jamboree
He was really excited about going to Disney for the first time...
More hogwarts
David, Miriah and I chillin with Marlin and Dory
Duckling wanted David's funnel cake
Canada at Epcot!

Learning how to fight with a light saber
Agent P!
Awesome light snow on the magic kingdom castle
Me and the hubs

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