July 22, 2015

for you

Sometimes Facebook makes me sad and just plain blegh towards humanity. Sometimes it shows me friends (close and acquaintances) that are hurting. Sometimes it reminds me of someone I haven't seen or thought of in years.

In all these instances it has spurred me on to pray, lately.

For the lost and hurting.
For the persecuted.
For the confused.
For the ones full of anger.
For the struggling marriages and new widows.
For the lonely.
For the scared.

It has also encouraged me to try to have as positive a presence I can on social media. I'm not a confrontational person by nature and starting drama or divisions on the Internet is my last idea of a good time. But it can be so easy to get a little snarky or overly sarcastic in a medium where tone is lost.

So, I mostly post pictures of my silly baby and goofy poodle. I also interact with and call out my husband in a fun way. He enjoys it, I promise.

All that to say: if life has been rough on you lately and you've expressed that via social media, I noticed. I noticed and I care. I've mourned with you for whatever you've lost and I've prayed for you. I have hope for you and I hope you can feel that in some way.

I hope my random life and presence can make you smile a little and know that the Savior who brings me so much joy loves you.

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