September 9, 2008

in progress and some future plans

sneak peak at my latest knit project

my bags have been holding up great and have been a hit with my family and friends. the wonderful people on craftster have been so encouraging too!

David's mom now wants me to make her a bag similar to my purple one to use for work, and a small purse like my wristlet for her events. I'm hoping to get some black vinyl for those this week and get those done this weekend. She also has some pillows she wants covered so I'm set sewing wise for the next week or two!

i also added an eyelet and strap to my wristlet to make carrying easier.

I knit a bag a week or two after I got home from Canada. David found a store in Houston full of left-handed guitars, so we decided to go one day to see about trading in one of his electrics. I decided to take a project with me to knit in the car, in the guitar show, and even more in the car on the way home. I had it nearly completed by the time we got home.

I got the pattern from the knit-picks site. I used sugar'n'cream cotton yarn in black teal and lime green...i can't remember the actual color names.

The bag is perfect for my knitting project. it can expand to any size and doesn't squish my little stuffy inside that I'm working on :)

I hope to have some bags and maybe some knitting done this week. stay tuned!

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  1. Hello!
    Both the bags are looking nice and wonderful. I want to buy black designer one.

    Ifra Sherry