September 22, 2008

a lot but not

This past week has been busy, but not very productive it seems. School, church, band practices, sleeping and of course David take up most of my time. Less school and more crafting and David time would be lovely. I'm blessed though so I enjoy what I do get to spend my time on.

I am currently avoiding a nutrition fast food paper for my Food Systems Lab tomorrow. I also have a paper due in my Interior Design class that I've decided I'd just rather not write...I'm bad. Oh well, I'll make it up in the next project, heh.

On a non-crafty note, David and I decided to try to make real queso (that means no velveeta!) tonight. We got two different cheeses, an onion, peppers, diced tomatoes, bacon and these awesome restaurant style chips that i love. Unfortunately we failed. I mean, it tastes like queso, kind of...but it does NOT look like it. We did however succeed in opening the bag of chips just perfectly and the are great. Hopefully next time will taste better. If anything, we had a lot of fun cooking together and almost setting the smoke alarm off.

Back on to crafty issues. I found time to pick up my knitting needles this week. I made a few of these fun little scrubbers. The sponge in our kitchen was beyond disgusting so I decided only knit dishcloths and scrubbers from now on. When they get dirty you just toss them in the wash!

I took my sewing machine to my parent's house this weekend hoping to work on the vinyl bag for David's mom but I forgot my pattern at my apartment and wasn't motivated for some reason. I did finally get a teflon foot for my machine this weekend though. That lone left me itching to make something. I looked at lots of rancom patterns online and one caught my eye. This wallet was simple and let me play with fun color combos. I have no use for it so one of my friends might get it in the mail. I plan on altering a some things and making a few more for gifts and maybe to sell.
Well I really should try to write this paper. Hope to be more productive in my sewing endeavors in the next few days :)

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