May 21, 2009

teal and lavender

So by tomorrow I obviously meant in a week...oops!

Summer seems to make me lazy and unable to post. My crafting is slowing down too. Hopefully it'll get jump started again after my trip to New Orleans next week!

Anyways back to now. I can finally post the mother's day gift I made for my mom and MeMaw. Years ago my mom bought some hot/cold therapy bags from a craft fair. They're made of flannel and filled with corn. They were used a lot and ended up at my apartment after one of my jaw surgeries last year. While trying to figure out what to make for mother's day I ran across some online and decided to make my mom a newer, prettier set.

I tried out some quilting and piecing for the first time. My mom likes the brown and teal combo so I went with fabrics that fell in that category. Almost all the fabric is from Hobby Lobby. I filled in the inside with rice and some lavender essential oil. The eye mask one doesn't have any oil in it because I didn't know if that would be too much right by the nose.

They turned out great and I need to make myself a set before I steal my mom's again :)

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