May 14, 2009

tweed and business

I got some great pictures of my new knit camera case. I just love how much the pattern adds to such a simple case. Yellow and grey is a new color combo for me, I think I like it. My mom already asked for one in black and teals.

When I was packing up my purse to come to Austin yesterday I noticed that prety much everything in it was made by me! I made the purse, the clutch/wallet, tea wallet, tissue holder, key loop, and now camera case. It's a fun feeling knowing I made it all and almost all from my own patterns!

I finally got some business cards! I ordered them from overnight prints and I think they turned out great. I did the design on photoshop and picked a few colors to print them in. Look at my purse picture and then look at the cards...notice anything? I seem to have a thing for a certain color scheme, haha. If anyone orders anything they will be receiving one of these little lovelies.

Mother's day gift post coming tomorrow!

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