August 24, 2009


My jaw has been hurting a bit tonight so I took some meds to make the pain go away and sleeping easier...and now I just want to knit. So I'm sleepy and to fidgety to sleep, blegh. I think I'm going to knit a little surprise for an upcoming birthday and see if I fall asleep on my yarn. Oh and I finally uploaded some pics from my life lately.

I have three small windows on one side of my new room and this one is my favorite with all my colorful glass in it. This was taken around 11am, the 5pm sun shines through and lights up the glass beautifully.

A little sneak peak at my aqua walls and black sheer curtains. Such a lovely color.

I took an illegal picture before the show started at Wicked!

Progress shot of my Gretel beret. The color is a prettier teal, can't wait to get a picture in the sunlight.

Close up of the yummy cables.


  1. how are you feeling?? better i hope.

    your photo of your room looks dark so i couldn't see the color, but by the sounds of it, i bet it's sweet! i love the little windows with the colorful glass jars. so clever.

    ooh and you saw wicked?? i loved it when i saw it a few years ago, but our seats were lame. its coming back through denver so i'm tempted to try and see it again.

  2. I am feeling better, thanks :)

    I'm hoping to get better pics soon, as soon as I'm all moved in and there aren't random boxes everywhere, haha.

    WICKEd was amazing! I saw it 2 years ago with my sister's choir and it was just as good the 2nd time. If this cast is the one that's coming to Denver then I totally think you should see it. Glenda and Elphaba are amazing together! It's the munchkinland touring group, I'm not sure if that shows up when you look for tickets but yeah :)