August 23, 2009

where has summer gone?!

I can't believe I haven't posted in over two weeks! I guess my surgery and busy summer have really kept me preoccupied.

I've been knitting a bit and getting ready for my LAST SEMESTER of college. Scary.

I'm knitting Ysolda's Gretel in a lovely light teal cascade yarn. I'm loving all the cabley goodness. Makes it an interesting knit that I don't get bored of after an hour.

I finished up my mom's birthday slippers and gave them to her. I need to get some pics. I really like how they turned out, I even added some cute buttons :)

Next on my personal knitting list is crazily enough...I think a sweater! A cardigan actually. I think I want a cute little black cardigan to wear with t-shirts and jeans. The ones I have that are black are too tight for some of my t-shirt sleeves, so yeah, I need to get on that. If I'm lucky, it'll stop being over 100 degrees everyday so I can get motivated enough to even start knitting a sweater, heh.

Well I hope to be back soon with pictures!

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