September 6, 2009

injury induced insomnia

It's just past 4am and I can't sleep. Since the wreck, there is only one very specific position I can sleep in to not be in pain, and it's not on my side like I'm so used to sleeping. It finally got to me tonight and I just can't sleep. I'm hoping this vicodin kicks in soon so I can either sleep in the weird position comfortably, or let the bump on my head touch the pillow without yelling. my attempt to get sleepy I thought I'd post some pics of my latest work. I'm going avoid typing too much more since I know my typing skills go down the drain on meds :)

saying goodbye to my dear explorer

birthday bow I made for Whitney's 22nd birthday, it looks too cute in her big curly hair :)

Whitney's other birthday present that I started last year and put off finishing till the day of her birthday this year (it's a giraffe by the way)

another birthday knit, this one for my sister's roommate/best friend. she loves owls and I couldn't pass up knitting something this cute :)

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