September 13, 2009

long, strange, good weekend

It's been a long but good weekend. To give some background to how it started...I thought my head might be broken. Well, sorta. Wednesday night my head started hurting a lot where I hit it on my car window in the wreck last week. It worried me because up till then it only hurt if something touched it, but now it was hurting nonstop and making it hard to enjoy hanging out with friends.

So, Thursday morning comes around and my head hurts too much to go to school. I told my mom I was staying home and we decided it might be a good call to go see my Dr about it. We did so and I ended up getting a skull series done (4 x-rays of my head) later that afternoon. He also gave me some strong anti-inflammatories to get the swelling down from where I was was hit. One bad thing about these is he told me not to take any other medications for pain at the same time, so here I am with a massive headache and I can't take meds for it...yay.

Friday arrives and I end up sleeping all morning, which was well needed. David and I ventured to north Austin to get him some new chacos (and my awesome new water bottle) and to visit a place called Lucky J's. David had to do an art direction project with them as the subject so we figured we go see what they were all about. Lucky J's is a chicken and waffle stand. Does that sound weird? I'd heard of this combo plenty before since we watch the Food Network an insane amount, but I had yet to try it.

Ya know what? It was weird. Ya know why it was weird? Because it didn't taste weird! It was weird how unweird it really was. The overwhelming seasoning (I think mostly oregano) in the chicken batter and the sweet maple syrup married together perfectly. The waffle amazing on its on too, so thin and crispy. Even the sweet tea I had was good. I won't be surprised if David gets a craving for it sometime soon :)

After eating with David and taking him home I finally heard from my Dr on my way to choir practice. My skull is perfectly fine, no fractures, nothing weird...well nothing new and weird. The meds he gave me are working too, my heahaches aren't as frequent, I just get bursts of pain now and then. If you see me wince and hold the back of my head, that's what's goin on.

Oh yeah, I also got a new car today! We settled with insurance over my dead car and were able to find a good deal on this 2008 Mazda Tribute. It's like a baby version of my old car. I love it and I'm excited we were able to find it. The Lord provides in great ways. Hopefully I'll be able to drive this one for a long time, and get a new car on my own terms next time, and not from my poor car getting murdered.

ps. thanks momma and daddy for my car!! :)

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