September 3, 2009

so tonight...

So I went to Hobby Lobby this evening before praise band practice to get some fabric for a project I will talk about later. Then, on my way to church, as I was taking a turn I hear a loud honk then bam! The car next to me didn't turn tight enough and rammed me into the bridge wall on my right.

He was an older man and when he realized he might hit me he went to hit the brakes but slammed on the gas instead and hit me pretty hard, then kept going through the light.

Once I realized what happened I tried to drive through the intersection to get my car out of the road but it wouldn't move. So I turned it off and saw a woman in a car next to me trying to ask if I was ok. I told her I was but I needed a phone because mine flew across my car and I couldn't find the battery that had flown out. She pulled ahead then came back, called 911 for me and let me use her phone to call my dad.

The fire truck got there first and I managed to crawl out of the back driver's side door since my door was jammed shut. A fireman made sure I was ok, helped me out of my car and talked to me till the ambulance got there. When an EMT got there he took my blood pressure and checked me oer to make sure I didn't break anything. We realized I had a HUGE bump on my head where I guess I hit my head on the door window. I also felt something weird on my neck/collarbone area. He said it was a burn from my seat belt. Other than that no injuries. He also said they could take me to the hospital but I felt ok.

My dad got there from choir practice and made sure I was ok. He also talked to everyone around and took pictures of my car. When he realized I was ok he called my mom. The tow truck arrived soon to take my poor broken car away.

Once we finally left the scene the burn on my neck started hurting more, as did the bump on my head so my mom said we could go to an urgent care center. Once there, the doctor said my head was ok and I had a first degree burn on my neck. He also gave me a tetanus shot b/c the seat belt rubbed my skin pretty raw, it was bleeding in parts and my shot was definitely not current. Other than that I was fine, my parents are just supposed to wake me up tonight to make sure I don't have a concussion.

So now I'm home, vegging on my futon and watching Josie and the Pussycats. David is with me taking care of me and being the wonderful boy he is :)

I thank God so much that I made it out of that wreck with minimal injuries! He has kept my family safe through a few crazy wrecks and I have no doubt He will continue to take care of us!

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for me, I appreciate it so much! Continue to pray for my healing and for all the insureance fun we get to go through now and in finding me a new car.

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