October 10, 2008

random updates

i've had asthma forever and one of the lovely side effects is bronchitis. i get it every few years and it knocks me down. i currently have no voice at all (i help lead worship twice a week...hmm) or lung capacity. some of it has settled in my lungs which i hope clears up soon. basically i didn't go to much school this week and i'm behind in my assignments.

being stuck at home has given me lots of time for craftiness.
- knitting project zipper pouch
- knit slippers
- another knit scrubby
- plans for some wall art brewing in my head

hoping to get pictures of all these up soon.

i looked at my course requirements the other day and it looks like i only need 27 hours to graduate after this semester! should be a breeze graduating december 2009. i'll try not to get ahead of myself on post-graduation plans :)

he's wonderful and scruffy and i'm so blessed to be the girl that goes crazy with him.

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