February 23, 2009

more buttons...

I spent this afternoon going through my new button collection, sorting by color, taking them off their old cards and removing those silly metal loops they put them on the cards with (i hate those so much!) My mom got me some 1/2 pint milk bottles to put some of my double point needles in this weekend, and MeMaw found two more around her house that she gave me. When I was sorting my buttons I put them in the bottles and loved how they looked too much to take them out. So I'm still on the hunt for something to hold my double points, ha.

Now I'm racking my brain for projects to show off these buttons. I already have some earring plans in the making!

These are the lovely flowers David got me for valentine's day last week. Can you believe how pretty they still look? I brought them to my apartment from Austin and split them into 3 vases. I think the purple ones are my fave. After I arranged them I realized they formed a heart :)

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